Significantly raising the standards of property management every day, one interaction at a time.

The Leader in Residential Property Management

WinnResidential has grown by earning a national reputation for excellence over three decades, now ranking as the 6th largest multifamily manager in the United States, as well as the largest manager of affordable and privatized military housing.

A dedicated team of 3,000 employees provides quality services to 300,000 residents across 22 states.


Partnering with WinnResidential

A passion for excellence is what sets WinnResidential apart. The consistent growth of the company's portfolio is evidence of our ability to significantly raise the standards of residential property management. When it comes to our investment, development, and management partnerships, WinnResidential manages a diversified portfolio in 23 states and the District of Columbia.

WinnCompanies owns or manages properties valued at approximately $5 billion nationwide.


The Nation's Best  Property Management Firm

Recognized among the leaders in multifamily property management in the United States, WinnResidential offers decades of proven expertise in third-party work across the entire range of property types -- affordable, military or conventional high-rise, mid-rise, home rentals or garden-style property with commercial, retail or mixed-use buildings located in a minor or major metropolitan market.

Types of properties we manage & develop:
  • Historic or Landmark Building repositioning and Redevelopment
  • Affordable Housing
  • Retail
  • Senior Affordable and Senior Living
  • New Development
  • Luxury
  • Conventional Living
  • Repositioning Distressed Assets
  • Commercial
  • High-Rise and Mid-Rise Living
  • Garden-Style
  • Military Housing

Connected Communities

For each community, we offer a set of Core Programs centered on positive, measurable outcomes, allowing our team, community leaders, and partners to see and understand the impact of our work together.

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Sustainability in Residences

WinnCompanies embraces environmentally responsible decision-making across its business operations. From design to construction to property management, we are proud to be a national leader in green development and the utilization of renewable energy.

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