The numbers don’t lie

  • WinnCompanies is the largest manager of affordable housing in the United States and one of the largest managers of privatized housing for the United States Armed Forces.
  • We are the 5th largest multifamily management company in the nation, with 121 million square feet under management, including housing, commercial, retail, parking facilities.
  • We operate every type of multifamily housing, including luxury and market rate, managing more than 100,000 apartments in more than 550 communities across 22 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Nearly 300,000 people call Winn-managed properties home.
  • WinnCompanies has transformed 32 historic properties into more than 3,100 units of mixed-income housing in mixed-use communities valued at $500 million.
  • We own more than 100 properties in 11 states, including approximately 15,600 apartments and many of the properties that started the company in 1971.
  • We have been recognized as the number one partner for minority and women-owned businesses in Massachusetts for 16 straight years.
  • WinnCompanies has never missed a mortgage payment or defaulted on a loan since its founding in 1971.
  • Winn employs 3,000 hard-working, capable team members.

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