winndevelopment executive team

  • Lawrence H. Curtis

    President and Managing Partner, WinnDevelopment

    Lawrence H. Curtis X

  • Gilbert J. Winn

    Chief Executive Officer

    Gilbert J. Winn X

Leadership Team

  • Adam J. Stein

    Executive Vice President

    Adam J. Stein X

  • David Ginsberg

    Senior Vice President

    David Ginsberg X

  • David W. Thunell

    Senior Vice President of Construction

    David W. Thunell X

  • Andrew Colbert

    Vice President

    Andrew Colbert X

  • Darien L. Crimmin

    Vice President of Energy and Sustainability

    Darien L. Crimmin X

  • Meade Curtis

    Senior Managing Director, Investments

    Meade Curtis X

  • Christopher French

    Vice President, Acquisitions

    Christopher French X

  • Stephen Gilbert

    Vice President

    Stephen Gilbert X

  • James V. Harger

    Vice President of Construction

    James V. Harger X

  • Aimee McHale

    Vice President

    Aimee McHale X

  • Jason Quinn

    Vice President of Construction

    Jason QuinnX

  • Neisha Colón

    Senior Project Director

    Neisha ColónX

  • Chris Fleming

    Senior Project Director

    Chris Fleming X

  • Matthew Robayna

    Senior Project Director

    Matthew RobaynaX

  • Christina McPike

    Director of Energy and Sustainability

    Christina McPike X

  • Timothy Mustacato

    Director of Acquisitions

    Timothy Mustacato X

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Larry Curtis honored with the 2015 RHA Industry Excellence Award.

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