Creating better lives

Putting our ResidentsFirst: This key component of our company philosophy is at the heart of everything we do.


At WinnCompanies, ResidentsFirst means delivering exceptional customer service and strengthening the bonds of community and goodwill at all our properties. As a sign of this commitment, we build partnerships with community agencies to offer health and wellness programs, social and community events, computer learning and senior citizen activities. These activities are an especially key factor in the high quality of life at the affordable housing and multifamily communities we've built our name on - and a big reason for our success in these areas.


The philosophy behind ResidentsFirst also drives KidsFirst. Designed to make children feel good about themselves, this program provides a supervised atmosphere that encourages creative, engaging and educational pursuits among the children who reside in our properties.


Thanks to ResidentsFirst and KidsFirst, our communities host a variety of activities that entertain, educate and engage residents of all ages and foster a sense of community and belonging. And that helps us create better lives for the residents of the communities we manage.

PHMA Honor

Atlantic Marine Corp Communities awarded with PHMA Outstanding Housing Installation Team for a privatized location. See More Awards


WinnCompanies is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve through acts of goodwill.


Learn more about the organizations and programs we support by visiting WinnCares.