Energy and sustainability

WinnCompanies embraces environmentally responsible decision making across its business operations. From design to construction to property management, we are proud to be a national leader in green development and the utilization of renewable energy.
Our innovative approach and leadership in sustainability are recognized throughout the multifamily industry, while our award-winning green projects demonstrate our commitment to excellence — and to the planet.

Green Building Certification

Following certification best practices, such as the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED for Homes, Enterprise Green Communities, and Energy Star ratings, WinnDevelopment is leading by example. WinnCompanies embraces sustainability principles and integrates the best solutions in each and every acquisition rehab and new development project it undertakes. In addition to Enterprise Green Communities and LEED, WinnDevelopment’s project teams are experts in various state incentive programs such as Pay for Performance and Home Performance with Energy Star.  
Our recently completed LEED Platinum certified property, Oliver Lofts (Boston's only mid-rise, multifamily redevelopment to earn this distinction) demonstrates a 21st century approach to historic preservation and adaptive reuse.  WinnDevelopment carefully tracks a variety of certification programs as their requirements continue to evolve, ensuring developments stay at the cutting edge of best practices.


Deep Energy Retrofits

WinnDevelopment and the Castle Square Tenants Organization recently completed the nation's largest "deep energy retrofit", saving over 50% of the building's energy usage. Through significant support from many partners, including the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Green Retrofit Program and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, WinnDevelopment utilized the most advanced building science best practices and technologies, including super insulated prefabricated exterior wall paneling, Aeroseal, and solar hot water, at Castle Square to guide the renovation of a 500-unit affordable-housing complex in one of Boston's premier neighborhoods. 


Solar Power

Over the last decade, WinnDevelopment has led the multifamily industry in solar power development and investment. With over two megawatt of PV installed on affordable housing, WinnCompanies has transformed rooftops into power plants. In states that allow for community solar facilities, WinnCompanies has led the industry to deliver off-site solar benefits to multifamily affordable communities. By utilizing state and federal incentives, solar-electricity and hot-water installations stabilize property utility expenses while reducing dependence on fossil fuels and achieving clean-energy policies. WinnCompanies is an expert in developing solar PV systems and applauds states that promote policy and regulation to drive investments in clean, renewable energy. Expanding on this experience, and in response to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Renew 300 goal, WinnComanies has committed to installing an additional four megawatts of solar PV to benefit affordable housing by 2020.


Better Buildings Challenge

Buildings consume about 40% of total U.S. energy consumption every year. With over 40 million square feet of real estate under management, WinnCompanies is committed to constantly improving the efficiency of its portfolio’s building systems, including mechanical, lighting and envelope upgrades. In a strategic approach, WinnCompanies manages and monitors its entire portfolio’s energy consumption and costs in online tracking tools, allowing it to target and address high energy users and prove savings attributable to energy saving technologies and building retrofit projects. We have partnered with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Energy, and numerous local and state energy groups to weatherize and retrofit as many properties as possible across 22 states and Washington, D.C. Together, we have focused on insulation, air sealing, boilers, ventilation, air conditioning and water conservation.
In 2013, WinnCompanies became a US Department of Energy Better Buildings Challenge partner, committing to reduce energy consumption by 20% across its portfolio within the next decade.
Recognizing that future utility cost savings can be used as a revenue stream to pay for energy efficiency upgrades, WinnCompanies regularly collaborates with national leaders to define and implement effective models to finance energy improvements in affordable multifamily housing. In 2010, WinnCompanies and Enterprise Community Partners piloted a $1 million energy loan program, used to upgrade energy systems at a 307-unit apartment community in Massachusetts. WinnCompanies uses energy modeling not only to inform design decisions, but also to maximize energy savings that help drive deeper investment in building upgrades with a greater return. 


Green Financing

Recognizing that future energy savings can be used as a revenue stream to pay for sustainability upgrades, WinnCompanies has been working with national leaders to define effective models to finance energy improvements in affordable multi-family housing. In 2010 and 2011 WinnCompanies and Enterprise Community Partners piloted a $1 million energy loan program, used to upgrade energy systems at a 307-unit apartment community in Massachusetts.


Operations and Maintenance

WinnResidential has embraced its commitment to sustainability by developing company-wide green-operations policies. These policies, which follow the framework of the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED for Existing Buildings, ensure integration of energy-efficiency, water conservation, and sustainability best practices throughout the entire WinnCompanies portfolio. By integrating sustainability requirements and best practices into corporate procurement decisions, WinnCompanies leverages its purchasing power to add value across the portfolio.


2012 LEED Platinum Certification

WinnDevelopment's apartment community recognized nationally.

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Commitment to Sustainability


Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announces the the launch of a new initiative to help low- and moderate-income Massachusetts residents access cost-saving, clean and efficient energy technologies.
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