We operate with integrity and accountability, ensuring that our residents, clients, partners, and team members feel valued and informed.

Winn operates across 27 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.


Invested in Impact

Through the efforts of our outstanding team members, WinnCompanies is the creator and champion of the best possible living communities for our residents and clients, achieved through strong partnerships, a passion for excellence and a commitment to exceed expectations.



The Principles that Guide Our Work Everyday


Passion For Excellence


Excellence is not accidental; it is the result of our dedicated effort, hands-on experience and the vision to see challenges as opportunities.

Clients and Residents are the Core of Our Business

Clients and residents are our focus; they are our priority as we nurture mutually beneficial relationships.

Deliver Service that Exceeds Expectations

Our service delivery impacts every aspect of our business and our reputation, so we strive to exceed expectations by listening, responding, caring and pursuing positive experiences for our partners and residents.

Integrity is Never Compromised

The way we conduct ourselves and our company will affect others. Our obligation is to act responsibly, with honesty, and to make positive contributions to the community and the industry in which we do business.

Our People are the Source of Our Success

Our people provide our vitality. We encourage teamwork, employee involvement, trust, and respect. We value effort, innovation and results.

Commitment to Sustainability

As we develop and operate properties to maximize their use and promote healthy communities, we also ensure the efficient use of natural resources. This goal is critical for the environment and for our business.

Team Leadership

Leadership is achieved by actions and results. Together, we can show the way.

A Culture of Safety

We pledge to create the safest possible environments for our employees and residents, achieved by fostering a culture focused on awareness, communication, safety education, and safe working methods.

A Diverse Workforce and Equitable, Inclusive Environment

Our strength derives from the unique talents, experiences, and authentic voices of team members as we provide quality housing across the nation in a way that supports the growth of the communities we serve. 

WinnCompanies has transformed 32 historic properties into 3,100 units of mixed-income housing in mixed-use communities

Our History

How We Got Here

WinnCompanies was founded in 1971 when Arthur Winn recognized the opportunity to develop high quality affordable housing that would be exceptionally well-managed; accepted as community assets by public, private and non-profit stakeholders; and, treated with pride by its residents.

Our History

Acting as a Community Champion

The WinnCares Program is founded on our belief that we have an obligation to make positive contributions to the communities we serve. It provides the corporate umbrella for WinnCompanies philanthropy and charitable contributions, volunteer and community service activities that our team members participate in each year across the United States.


Renewable Energy & Sustainable Initiatives

Our innovative approaches to sustainability are recognized throughout the multi-family industry and our award-winning green projects demonstrate our commitment to excellence -- and to the planet.

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WinnCompanies Partners with over 500 high-impact organizations to enhance the communities we serve


Connected Communities

Connected Communities is WinnCompanies’ collective impact approach to true community development. It is our goal to ensure that each community is stable, connected and empowered.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

WinnCompanies embraces diversity; in fact, "a diverse workforce and an equitable, inclusive environment" is a part of our guiding principles, which inform and direct our every action. Our strength rests in the diversity of our workforce and the inclusive culture we cultivate. We value the distinctive skills, experiences, and authentic voices of our team members, as they play a vital role in providing quality housing and fostering the growth of the communities we serve.

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