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What Does DEI Mean to WinnCompanies?

We believe that our strength as a company derives from our diverse workforce and an equitable and inclusive environment. We benefit from the unique talents, experiences, and voices of our team members, partners, clients, and residents, as we provide quality housing across the nation in a way that supports the growth and well-being of the communities we serve.

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Together Everyone Always Matters


Celebrate Differences & Remove Barriers

We are committed to removing barriers and creating opportunities for diversity, equity, and inclusion by celebrating and recognizing the value of the experiences, differing perspectives, and vibrant cultures of our team members, partners, clients, and residents. Together, we will lead the way by proactively listening, acting with compassion, and responding thoughtfully with integrity, courage, and authenticity, to each person working and living within our shared community.


Foster an Authentic & Diverse Culture

We aim to foster an environment that enables our team members, residents, clients, and partners to authentically offer their voices, humanity, and contributions in a meaningful way, while our world continues to navigate and grapple with ever-evolving racial, social, political, and economic shifts and challenges.

Winn is a proud Diverse Majority workforce.

We aren't just talking about diversity, we're doing it.

46% of WinnCompanies employees identify as women and 52% of managerial and executive level positions are held by women.

At WinnCompanies, roughly 57% of our employees identify as a person of color and 55% of managerial and executive level positions are held by people of color.

Over the past 20 years, WinnCompanies has directed more than $240.2 million to Minority and Women Owned Business in Massachusetts, representing 40.19% of our total property expenditures during that period of time.

More than $138.9 million of that amount was awarded to MBEs, while more than $101.2 million was paid to WBEs.

Since 2017, the WinnCompanies Board of Directors has increased the number of women on the Board by 30%.

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